Tecnics Grupos Electrogenos - A MedidaCustom made products

Tecnics Grupos Electrógenos, has more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom generator sets.

This experience allows the technical department to analyze and assess the needs of each customer, studying in detail all the characteristics of the installation (environmental conditions, demand, etc.). This offers a customized power generation solution with optimum performance and features tailored to the needs, greatly reducing costs.

The generator set is designed and manufactured from scratch if the project or the technical characteristics require it.

Hundreds of successfully completed projects endorse the work of Tecnics Electronical Groups and allow us to have a wide and varied experience in the manufacture of customized gensets.

Tecnics Grupos Electrógenos is committed to a continuous investment in R + D + I, this allows to adapt the new technologies in the design and manufacturing processes of the generating sets. The adaptation of the new technologies allows the complete integration with mobile devices, tablets and pcs, thus allowing the management and control of the generator set from anywhere in the world.