Tecnics Grupos Electrogenos - GarantiaWarranty

Tecnics Grupos Electrógenos, is concerned with obtaining the highest efficiency in the production process and the highest quality in the generators it manufactures. The manufacturing process is optimized periodically, incorporating the innovations obtained from the Department of R + D + I.

The generators manufactured, are subject to exhaustive controls to guarantee the correct functioning of the same before being offered for sale.

Voltage, frequency and load tests are performed, as well as the correct functioning of the various alarms of the engine, oil and temperature, with their corresponding stop effect.

If the group has an F.T.R. (Automatic Start-up by Network Voltage Fault) is also subjected to detailed simulations of faults and network outages, to guarantee the response time.

All these quality controls allow to minimize the possible problems that may arise during the commissioning of the generator set.



The generators of Tecnics Grupos Electrógenos have a "CE" mark and are supplied with the corresponding Declaration of Conformity, which covers the following standards and directives:

  • 2006/42 / EC on the safety of machinery.
  • 2005/88 / EC on noise emission in the environment by outdoor machines.
  • 2004/108 / EC on electromagnetic compatibility.
  • 2006/95 / EC, on electrical safety, of electrical equipment with voltage limits.
  • 2006/88 / EC on the emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants.
  • EN61326 / 2006, on electromagnetic compatibility tests.
  • EN12601-1: 2010, on the electrical safety tests in the electrical panel
  • EN12601: 2010, on the definitive electrical safety tests through the generator

ISO 8528- ISO 3046, on power of the group, with barometric reference 100kPa, 25ºC and 30% relative humidity