Tecnics Grupos Electrogenos - Almácen - Historico


Year 1954

The CARPI family, founded the company CARPI RECAMBIOS, whose main activity is mainly focused on the supply of spare parts for the main brands of engines available on the market.

Year 1,960

Initiates a change of business policy in the company focusing on the commercialization of diesel engines and spares, due to the decrease in the volume of business of gasoline engines in the market.

Year 1,980

New lines of business focused on industrial supply, in the various fields, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. After 20 years of experience with diesel engines, the first projects are being developed to couple diesel engines to drive hydraulic pumps in tunnel boring machines, pivot tanks and agricultural treatment equipment.

Year 1985

Starts the manufacture of generating sets for use in farms, as well as small power groups for use in isolated houses without supply, mining quarries and camping installed in the coastal area.

Year 1990

With the boom in the tourism sector, there is a wide market for this sector, providing generator sets to hotel complexes as a safety measure against voltage drops and backing of consumption peaks.

Year 1995

It completely restructures Carpi Spare parts, diversifying the volume of business in two slopes. Suministros Tecnics is founded, dedicated to the industrial supply, and Tecnics Groups Electrogenos, specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of Generators.

Year 1,995 - 2,000

Tecnics Generating groups, is named distributor of the Jembacher gas engines, initiating the installation of high-power cogenerations (+ 1000 Kva) throughout the Levante area.

Year 2000 - 2008

The business model is extended with the surrogate manufacture of large power generators with German engine brands, both in open and soundproof versions, mostly intended for export to South American hotel complexes.

Year 2005

Move your facility to your current location. Extending its facilities to 3000m2 of factory and warehouse, taking advantage also to modernize its manufacturing process in anticipation of the growing demand.

Year 2,008 - 2,012

Adapting the new technologies, it begins the manufacture and commercialization of its own synchronization system, implanting this system in national and international territory, also offering the possibility of making local and remote connections to the installed equipment.

Year 2012

R + D + I policies continue to be promoted, which allows for the continuous innovation and improvement of the design and manufacturing processes of generator sets. Allowing to incorporate important improvements in the equipment manufactured. Improved boot system, custom alerts on mobile devices and anti-hijack systems with geolocation, serve as an example.


After its successes nationally and internationally, Tecnics Groups Electrogenos decides to expand its sales to the African market. To this end, its first commercial branch is established in Dakar (Senegal), facilitating its incorporation and export to this continent.